Dipping & Packing

Dipping & Packing

Ingwe Safaris provides a good quality inhouse dipping and packing. You don’t have to deal with anyone else, but you are most welcome to use your own taxidermy of choice. Our prices and quality are realistic. Dipping and packing will take between four to six months. Our facility is approved by the South African Veterinary Service (Department of Agriculture) as a trophy Import and Export Processing Facility. Our ficaility is inspected on a yearly basis to ensure we comply with local and international regulations.

Skull and horns process

At first all skulls and horns are subjected to a natural sun-drying process after which they are boiled and then cleaned. According to the time schedule, they are subjected to a Solution to ensure all possible bacteria are killed. During the next step they are bleached with another solution.

Skins process

All skins are dipped in a pickled bath for a minimum of 48 hours. After this process all skins are subjected to a Salt Action for a continuous period of not less than 30 days.

Packing of Skulls

Each and every skull and/or horn is wrapped with “bubble wrap” to ensure that it gets maximum protection during transportation/shipment.

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